Handling workplace violence & harassment for managers: Bill-168

In 2010 the Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario was amended with the specific intention of increasing the protection of employees from workplace violence. It also put an increased focus on employers to actively address and prevent violence and harassment in the workplace.

Like it or not, as a manager this does fall within your realm of authority. Greater responsibility and accountability are expected of you when identifying, preventing and handling violence and harassment in the workplace are concerned.

Focusing on creating an effective prevention program and monitoring of workplace violence and harassment policies and procedures, this course is designed for everyone with supervisory responsibilities in Ontario.
Practical tools and guidance for handling workplace violence, domestic violence that has trickled into the workplace, reporting and handling employees with past violent behaviour will be provided. If you are an employer or hold a supervisory role in Ontario, this course is for you!

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 5$ 35.99
6 to 10$ 30.99
11 to 20$ 25.99
21 to 30$ 20.99
31 to 50$ 15.99
51 to 100+$ 10.99