Fire Extinguishers

First patented by Ambrose Godfrey in England 1723, the fire extinguisher we know and use today has been around since 1818. British Captain George William Manby, created the copper vessel containing 3 gallons of pearl ash solution and compressed air, revolutionizing the extinguisher and bringing the role of firefighting to a whole new level.

A key element in an effective fire protection program is fire extinguishers, now legally required in every workplace in Canada. Fire is the cause of 8 deaths in Canada each week. Sadly, most of these fires are caused by predictable and preventable events. Fire extinguishers can help eliminate many of these senseless losses.

Designed to provide basic fire safety, this course defines the various classifications of fires, extinguishers, when and how to use extinguishers as well as proper storage, maintenance and Fire Safety Code requirements for businesses in Canada. If you are a Health and Safety Committee member, facilities or plant manager or superintendent, this is a course you’ll want to take.

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
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