Elevated work platforms

Scissor lifts, man-lifts and aerial lifts were all created to increase productivity, reduce the need for excessive manpower and quite frankly, to make things a whole lot easier!

These elevated work platforms are an essential part of the warehousing and manufacturing processes but they do pose significant risks to their operators.

Proper training on safe operating practices, maintenance and injury prevention are required by the Ministry of Labour for all workers using elevated work platforms.

Focusing on proper use, associated risks of injury to workers and potential damage to equipment and property, this course will enhance the operator’s skill and emergency preparedness. Using the Canadian Standards Association requirements as a foundation we explore best practices, personal protective equipment and emergency response.

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 10$ 45.95
11 to 20$ 42.95
21 to 50$ 40.95
51 to 100$ 35.95
101 to 200$ 30.95
201 to 500$ 25.95
501 to +$ 20.95