Duties & Responsibilities for federally regulated business and industries

Occupational health and safety legislation in the federal jurisdiction has been consolidated under Part II of the Canada Labour Code Part II. Understanding duties and responsibilities surrounding Health and Safety under the Canadian Labour Code is crucial in the prevention of workplace injury at all levels of federally regulated businesses.

This course will explore the duties and responsibilities of everyone in the workplace. Requirements for and duties of an effective Joint Health and Safety Committee will also be examined as well as the Policy and the Worker’s Rights. If you work in any of the following interprovincial and/or international industries you should take this course:

  • Banks
  • Employment in the operation of ships, trains and aircraft
  • Exploration and development of petroleum on lands subject to federal jurisdiction
  • Federal public service and persons employed by the public service and about 40 Crown corporations and agencies
  • Ferries, tunnels, bridges and canals
  • Grain elevators licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills, and grain seed cleaning plants
  • Indian reserves
  • Pipelines
  • Radio and television broadcasting and cable systems
  • Railways, highway and air transport
  • Shipping and receiving services
  • Telephone and telegraph systems

This course is for both managers and employees to learn about the duties and responsibilities under the Canada Labour Code Part II. The course covers information on reporting hazards and accidents, the rights of the employees as well as their responsibilities in the workplace and introduces the Policy and Workplace committees as well as the Duties of the health and safety representatives.

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 5$ 35.99
6 to 10$ 30.99
11 to 20$ 25.99
21 to 30$ 20.99
31 to 50$ 15.99
51 to 100+$ 10.99