Due Diligence & Bill C-45

Employers and supervisors play a critical role in managing Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace and the protection of their workers. Providing clarity around the legal responsibilities at all levels of business, the management and executive tiers are the focus of this course.

The concept of “Due Diligence” and what it really means will be uncovered. Tools to ensure everything reasonable is being done to protect employees from hazards in the workplace will be discussed in length. Also explored are the implications of Bill C-45 which when it came into effect in 2004, made it a criminal offense to place a worker in harm’s way due to negligence.

Keeping workers safe and imposing harsh legal penalties including significant personal and corporate fines and even potential jail time are a priority for the Ministry of Labour of Labour. If you are an employer or hold a supervisory role, this course is for you!

Number of EmployeePrice for each employee
1 to 10$ 69.95
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51 to 100$ 54.95
101 to 200$ 49.95